1.1 Meet the family

So, Boolprop is doing another month/event challenge thing! And though I’m gonna use that fact as an excuse to start sharing this, the truth is I’ve had this challenge in works for a while now lol just as something I play while catching up on updates for my other stuff (which basically means I have a lot of updates already for this lol).

So anyways, this challenge is gonna be, as you can guess for the blog title, a Perfect Genetics Alphabecy. I’ve always wanted to make a Perfect Genetics, and you guys know I adore alphabecies, so I had to do it! It’s probably not the best idea for the valentine’s challenge, but honestly, my first option that made way more sence just wasn’t working, so here we are!

Let’s just go ahead and meet our main couple:

Here they are! The woman is our founder, Diamonique Ambroise. Ambroise means ‘eternal’, so that’s why I named this story Inmortal Perfection, because their genes are gonna be eternal! She has lilac/pink hair and aqua eyes, so those are the genes we’re going for! She’s a Snob, Squeamish and Family-oriented sim, because I honestly couldn’t bring myself to make her hate children lol she’s one of my ocs and a big part of her character is actually her motherly vibe and love for her kids. We may start with the Hates-children trait in next generations, but I’m not sure, I’m playing this with very loose rules actually lol.

The guy is her husband, Alexandrè Arjean, better known as Silver. Silver has, obvioulsy, silver hair, and also light brown eyes, the ones that look kinda golden. He’s a Loner, Self-Assured and Perfectionist.

After struggling for a while about where I wanted to mover them, they are now living in the 6-4-1 Hanamigawa lot on Senbamachi district. I finally decided to not go for a Legacy start because I get bored easily from living in the same lot, and also I wanted to experience Mt. Komorebi for the first time and the unnused big lot there cost like 30k lol.

As usual, one of the first moves to make was getting both of them jobs. One of the little things I wanna do with this challenge is max out every career pat.

Diamon starts politics, because it suits her, and Silver gets into military because I haven’t tried that one yet, and it goes well with his Bodybuilder aspiration~

And once that’s done, they get right into the mood to start with the main part of this challenge:

Baby time~! Because honestly, I doubt we’re gonna be done with this in less than three kids lol my luck is not that good.

So anyways, we quickly confirm that the first baby A is on the way!

I wanted to get the father reaction shot, but Silver didn’t react lol so instead here we have a shot of him silently judging Diamon’s inmediate morning sickness lol. They both have some great expressions.

And then we get started on their work stuff, so Silver is sent out to jog.

Diamon chooses the ‘No sim left behind’ cause for her job and she’s done for the day.

So she’s free to let in the Welcome wagon when they arrive. I usually suck at these group gathering things, but I decided to give it a try today.

It actually went great! Diamon hit it off with Jenna Akiyama instantly, and Silver got along with the Nishidakes, I’m hopping for them to become Friends soon.

oh yeah, and in the middle of the gathering Diamon got a craving, and scared me to death turning on the stove lol. Thankfully nobody was harmed in the making of her grilled cheese.

Silver on the other hand, decides to try the fruitcake the visitors brought with them, and he likes it. He must be my first sim ever liking that fruitcake! I always knew he was weird lol.

I don’t usually play with snobs, specially as founders, so I’m having a lot of fun with those moods she has lol! I would buy you some better decor girl, but you’re super broke right now!

What I did buy her was a knitting basket, because I love knitting lol also you can make a little extra money with that. Hopefully.

Also as you can see, the toddler room is ready to welcome our first kid!

And Silver got a threadmill because he needed it for his work task today. The military career is proving to be fairly expensive so one, I remember he’s also gonna need the sparring robot soon lol.

As I said before, it’s my first time playing in Mt. Komorebi so first time seeing this little park, and I love it! Can’t wait to have some kids and make a family outing there!

Lmao! Diamon made this thing, and I was super confused because I told her to knit a tiger beanie, and then I read that name lol! Now I want all my sims wearing that one instead! I love it!

a big part of the family money went into buying some skill books because I gave the lot the “Peace and quiet” trait. It works great! Silver is already level 2 Handiness, and Diamon started with Baking too!

Today Silver is going to work instead of working from home. Look how handsome he looks with his uniform!

Yikes, only two days in and he’s already sick, this is not a good start lol.

Baby bump shot for Diamon~ doesn’t she looks adorable? ❤ Even if she looks less than impressed lol pregnancy is being a little hard on her so far.

Once Silver is back home, I decide to send them try the group hiking interaction and sent them up the mountain. It was probably a bad choice on my part, because with Diamon being pregnant Silver was going a lot faster than her lol.

Asa funfact, it was the complete opposite when they were coming back down, because both of them really needed yo pee, but since pregnant sims can’t make the ‘pee waddle’, Diamon got to the house in half the time Silver took lol.

Also while being up in the mountains Silver got atracked by centipedes and nearly gave me a heart attack, I hate centipedes/milipedes 😭

I just hope they can’t get you poisoned like Selvadorada’s spiders… also, 😭

Me too Silver, me too.

Silver: “that was horrifying.”

Tell me about it!

Emmm… Diamon, I don’t think that’s the appropiate outfit to take out your trash honey.

Diamon: “I’m a squeamish sim, be happy I’m taking out the trash at all.”

… She has a point. Moving on!

Next day both were working from home, so we took the chance to make a trip to San Myshuno’s gym so Silver can fullfil the “workout at a gym venue” part of his aspiration.

He gets right to it, and gets Supriya to mentor him while at it!

And meanwhile, Diamon tries to promote her policies to some of the visitants, a very productive day for both of them!

oh yeah, I forgot the futon tables can break. Thankfully Silver allready has some handiness skill, so I feel more comfortable letting him fix it.

Random pic to show that I bought them a better bed, the old one was already causing them back pains, yikes!

Lol! I’m loving this “shoes rules” thing that Snowy escape brought! the moods are really funny! and I love that sims just randomly forget to take their shoes off lol.

Silver gets a promotion! the extra money is very appreciated!

Speaking of extra money, this lot comes with an easel on the porch, so Silver starts painting to try and get us some.

And Diamon works on getting her charisma up to get her own promotion tomorrow. hopefully!

And while doing that, it was time to meet our first little one!

To the hospital~! Ando also, look at Diamon’s face, that’s the more “woman in labor” face that I’ve ever seen in this game lol!

Apparently, Silver is emotionally mindful, that’s a first for me!

It doesn’t seem to keep him from panicking in the labor room though lol.

But in the more important news, we welcome the first little girl of the family! Everyobody, meet Aurore Ambroise!

And we’re now back at home taking care of the baby~ can’t wait to see how she’s gonna look when she grows up!

Silver celebrates with more painting~ because we need money!

Money to buy him this thing *sighs* I told you he was going to need it soon.

I’m happy about it though, because it’s hilarious seeing him trait with it lol! He needs to gain more fitness.

Jenna comes to visit all the time! She’s already friends with Diamon and now Silver is getting to know her too.

Also Diamon is hanging around on her hospital gown, because #SimsLogic.

Apparently Jenna is an Active sim? I just got this pack so I don’t really now much about her, but it looks like she is lol she went out to sparr with out robot, and let me tell you, she’s way better tan Silver lol!

Speaking of Silver, he and Diamon are having an important conversation inside the house…

We’re going for the second baby right away! Because as I said before, I don’t think at all that we’re gonna be done in less than three babies lol!

This time Silver reacted when Diamon told him the news! He doesn’t look very pleased honestly lol.

Also Diamon get out of that gown! Is not even a cute one!

I’m not worried about Silver’s reaction to the news, he’s such a good dad and he always looks so happy interacting with Rorie!

Promotion for Diamon! yay!

Another day, another visit from Jenna lol Seriously she’s always comeing here or inviting us out.

Silver didn’t want to lose his first place on promotions, so he came home that same day with another one!

He looks so good in his new uniform though.

Diamon keeps working on her knitting while keeping an eye on the baby.

Like father like daughter~ I love seeing my sims sleeping with their babies!

Diamon woke up angry today because of the pregnancy lol so I sent her to paint an angry picture to deal with it. It wasn’t very good, we lost like 20 simoleons lol.

She had the option to “criticize work”, so I had her do it, and she doesn’t like it at all lol.

Diamon: “This is terrible! What kind of dumbass thought a crayon fire painting was the right way to express anger?!”

…It was you Diamon, you painted that.

Diamon: “…I think I’m gonna stop my painting career here.”

Hey, but we need the money!

Whatever, Silver can paint too! and he isn’t that much better than Diamon as you can see lol but at least his paintings doesn’t make us lose money lol.

… Diamon and Silver really are soulmates. I’ve never had sims liking fruitcake, and now both parts of my founding couple actually love it lol Silver has whims about eating fruitcake all the time!

I made Diamon knit a carpet to put in the bedroom, and this is what she made lol. This woman has o artistic talent, and I’m living for it!

Ah yeah, look at our brave soldier, scared of the fish tacos he’s making lol!

Aaaand is time to see if Aurore is gonna be our heiress! Cross your fingers everyone!

… Somebody didn’t cross their fingers! who was it?! lol.

So yeah, as you can see, while Rorie did get Diamon’s hair, she also got Silver’s eyes, so she doesn’t have the perfect genetics. Thankfully, we already have another bun in the oven, so we’ll see if second time is the charm for us! For now, let’s take a quick stop in CAS.

And here we have Aurore after her makeover, heiress or not, I think she looks adorable! Also ignore Diamon’s face lol she’s just angry about her pregnancy.

And this is where we are gonna stop for today! Next chapter more babies! hopefully a heir! And also probably more me exploring Mt. Komorebi and Jenna hanging around our house lol. I hope you join us for the next adventure!

For now, happy simming!

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Hey! I'm new on the Sims Blogger comunity, but I've plahyed these games since the first one, so I thought it was worth the shot :D Also, I'm mexican so english is not my first language, so forgive my little mistakes xD still learning

2 comentarios sobre “1.1 Meet the family

  1. Hohohoho hello, I’m here cause of SimNaNo. I figured I could read from the start lol

    Arjean, I like what you did there, sounds like the french for silver 😉

    Gatherings are actually nicer in ts4 I’ve found! (so far) I like it

    LOL that’s actually funny that pregnant sims make it to the toilet faster cause there’s no pee waddle.

    The futon tables can break?? I’m learning so much in your chapter lol

    Wooo! This is a great start, already got a baby and one on the way. I’m crossing my fingers this time!

    Me gusta

    1. Hey! Thanks for reading and comenting 😀 it always makes me happy
      Yep, that’s the reason, I just always felt he had the face of a Silver 😁
      I think the gatherings thing may have to do with the fact sims can multitask, at least is a difference I’ve been noticing while playing Sims 2!
      Random little details to learn about the game lol I also learnt the futon thing with this family!

      Le gusta a 1 persona


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